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Recommended Donor Car Platform

The Perry 550 Spyder utilizes a full length standard VW-Beetle chassis.

With that being said, you now need to decide or determine which way to go with a donor car.

The original 550 Spyder was equipped with the larger 5 bolt pattern wheels which were discontinued on the 1968 model Beetle.

In 1969, IRS rear suspension was introduced which is 1"inch wider in the rear stance.

If your donor car is an IRS 1969 or later and you want the large five bolt pattern wheels there are ways of achieving this. "Conversion steel stub axle" This part was used in the production of the Thing and is available as an after market part. This part utilizes a larger type 2 CV joint and your IRS trans will need type 2 flanges.

In 1966 the ball joint front beam was introduced.

A 1966 and a US 1967 beetle would be the most authentic looking platform which would contain some degree of modernization-the ball joint front end. Without having to do any changes to the axles to achieve the 5 bolt pattern wheels. You can use a 4 bolt pattern car however it just will not have the original look of the 5 bolt wheels.

The wheel base of the original 550 Spyder was listed as just over 2100mm. The standard VW Beetle wheel base is listed as 2400mm. 300mm=11.8 inches extra wheel base. This 11.8 inches of extra wheel base and the 550 Perry Spyder design utilizing a rear engine Beetle platform results in the perfect car for taller people with super comfortable leg room in the cockpit.

The listed production numbers for the 1966 model is 1,080,165 / 954,080 from Germany and the 1967 production was 925,787 / 794,818 from Germany. There are many of these cars still around and would make an excellent donor car.